Oh, Dresses

Summer, that time of year when we finally can wear a dress. No more boring stuff! Just a nice, colorful, attractive dress. Plus, what would be more comfortable and easy then slip on dress that you can pair anything with. But how do you choose that perfect piece to stand out? Which dress will work for your body type?  

Let's talk about the styles!

A-line dress or fit & flare. It appears as a letter 'A': Fitted top and skirt widen toward the hem. 


L'Atiste Neoprene Lemon/Lavender Dress

The fitted dress that follows your body lines and could be really tight and stretchy as a bodycon or pretty roomy as shift dress.

The key is to find a style that fits your body type and enhances that part of your body you’re totally in love with. There's always a piece out there that will compliment your figure. Just give them a try.


CQbyCQ Hazelnut Jersey Shirred Dress

Now about the length!

Do you remember the times when the dress length was defined by fashion laws?

The 50s was Tea-length, 60s was knee hiding or 70s was mini? Now is the time when you can wear them all, depending on your mood, style, events, etc.

MAXI DRESSES - The perfect style for all women, this dress, is a must-have as you can wear it all summer long: For work, friend gathering, beach, date, running errands, kids party, evenings. Also, incredibly versatile as it comes in so many colors, prints, and cuts.

Uttam Boutique Floral Print Maxi Dress

MIDI DRESSES - These dresses have made a huge comeback in the past few years, and I think it’s because how functional they are. From retro, to classic and modern, midi dresses are perfect for the office, dinners, or even for casual days.

Gr.Dano Button-Up Midi Dress

 MINI DRESSES - The one version of the dress that will never be out of fashion because we all love showing off a bit of hotness now and then. Besides, today they come in so many toned down sexy styles that rocking a mini dress can be quite a girly outfit. It’s all about the shoes and the attitude. They remain still the perfect go-to piece for a night out dancing!

Yumi Botanical Print Shift Dress